Brian Baragwanath isn’t only fast, he knows his car by heart. Not only is he the test driver but is also Century Racings’ engineer and has been for several years.  Brian started his Dakar journey on a quad bike in South America.  Despite retiring from his first Dakar in 2015, Baragwanath impressed a year later when he finished on the podium of the rally.  A severe elbow injury forced him to stop riding and turn to four wheels. Last year’s second edition in Saudi Arabia saw his return to the Dakar Rally he certainly made waves capturing second spot in the prologue and again several days later on a proper Dakar stage. With 7 top 10 finishes out of 12 stages, Baragwanath is a podium contender for 2022.  He reunites with Leonard Cremer reading the notes with whom he started competing back in 2016.  (Cr Dakar Rally) 

BB: “After my appearances on the Dakar which were great on a quad, I suffered a big crash in 2016, injuring my elbow. That, and the fact that I had started a family (married, with two children) pulled me away from bikes. I was looking for a new challenge. Of course the engineering aspect is great. I work on a daily basis on the CR6. Last year’s Dakar was a great first outing for us. We were able to hold a good pace and we were actually surprised by how well we were able to set our pace without taking too many risks. This year, we hope to do the same. We’ve improved the car even more this year but so has everybody else. The development never stops. It’ll be Century Racing’s tenth year of the Dakar and as a small company we hope to make waves in the history books. If it’s not me, then at least one of the other drivers. I worked really hard personally all year long in a lot of the development. We were always at the test track, always looking for ways to go faster. I hope it pays off this year.” (Cr Dakar Rally) 

Century Racing celebrates 10 years of production cars with a 10-car entry in 2022.  Months of planning have been necessary to ensure that each team, both here in South Africa and in Europe, have arrived in Jeddah with the best possible car preparation and race back up in terms of parts supplied and technical assistance before and during the race.